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Wan’t to Do It Yourself?

These instructions explain the installation procedure from start to finish. We sell off the roll, 3.71m wide by the length required in 1.00m increments. Prices start at $166.00 per lineal metre (3.71m x 1m) which equates to $44.75 per square metre

Phone us on 02 6255 6076 or e-mail sales@eco-lush.com for a quote.

D.I.Y. Installation Guide

The following is a guide only and to be used as a reference only. Eco-lush will not be liable for any damage or errors caused by the installation of synthetic grass.

Step 1 - Mark Out

Use a rope or garden hose to mark out the area to be covered with Eco-Lush grass. Use an earth paint or similar to paint your border. It is worth noting at this point that Eco-Lush grass is supplied in 3.71meter widths and your area plan should be marked out to minimize wastage.

Step 2 - Sub Base

Strip out all natural grass (living or dead) as well as all vegetation within the area to be laid with Eco-Lush grass. Excavate the ground to a depth of 75mm below the desired finished level of the Eco-Lush grass. Eco-Lush recommends treating the area with a herbicide such as round up or similar to prevent vegetation growth under your Eco-Lush grass Please refer to the herbicide manufacturers instructions on handling these potentially dangerous chemicals safely. You may be required to leave the area for a period of time dependant on the herbicide chosen.

Sub base

Step 3 - Sub Base Fill

Fill your sub base area with crusher dust to a depth of 55mm. Spread the base evenly to create a surface that is as level as possible and compact the base with a plate compacter or hand roller. Eco-Lush recommends compacting the area at least twice with a medium watering between each compaction. You may need to refill the area dependant on your finished height requirements once the first round of compacting is complete.
sub base.

Sub base fill

Step 4 - Laying the Grass

Lay your Eco-Lush grass over the sub base according to your measurement plan and allow the garden side ends to overlap for later trimming. Allow the Eco-Lush grass to relax in the sun for a few hours, this should remove any wrinkles caused by rolling of the grass. Make cuts around trees and obstacles and get all of the Eco-Lush grass laid into its correct final position ready for gluing the seams..

Laying the grass

Step 5 - Securing Edges

Once your Eco-Lush grass is cut to size and sitting in position ‘u’ shaped pegs can be used to secure the edges of the grass. One peg every 30cm is recommended.

Securing the edges

Step 6 - Gluing Seams

Make sure your Eco-Lush grass is sitting in the correct position, and then roll back the edges to be glued together. Place a jointing tape directly under the seam position and exactly in the middle of the seam and peg each end. Pour outdoor synthetic grass glue onto the joint tape and spread evenly over the tape with a notched trowel. Place the two edges of Eco-Lush grass together over the glued joint tape and push down firmly. It is very important that the two edges of the Eco-Lush grass are glued as closely together as possible to ensure that the seam is not visible.

Gluing the seams

Step 7 - Brushing and Infill

When the Eco-Lush grass has relaxed use a stiff bristled broom to stand the Eco-Lush grass up. Spread approximately 7 kilograms of sand per square meter evenly over the top and brush in with a stiff bristled broom, it may be easier to do this in several layers. ( Eco-Lush recommends using kiln dried sand ) The sand depth should be 25% of the grass hight.

Brushing and infill

Finished Product

You may need to broom the grass occasionally dependant on usage and traffic and any leaves and debris can be removed either manually or with a leaf blower.

Finished product

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