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The all new range of Eco-Lush synthetic grasses have been designed with consultation between ourselves, our clients and our Australian manufacturers to produce a range of grasses that look and feel just like Australian grass should. They are soft under foot, natural looking and require virtually no maintenance. With Eco-Lush it always looks like you are the best gardener in the street. 

Eco-Lush is a smart grass alternative to pavers and natural turf. A perfect lawn that will last you 10 years+ is just a phone call away.

Did you know that Eco-Lush products are made in Australia for Australian conditions?

The reason we only use Australian made products is because the harsh UV climate is uniquely Australian and we need a manufacturing process that can match the climate, we only use products with a proven track record for the Australian climate.

We work very closely with the customer to make sure they are happy and we can suggest ways to save money with some clever landscaping ideas!

Eco-Lush synthetic lawns are safe for kids, as the thick thatch layer acts a cushioning agent, unlike the older synthetic lawns (astroturf), does not cause scraps, grazes or carpet burns.

Eco-Lush lawns are also great for pets! Urine soaks into the infill and washes out the bottom with the next rain shower and faeces dry out quickly because they are held of the ground allowing air to pass under them and just get picked up as normal and hosed when necessary. Eco-Lush lawns eliminate muddy areas and provide a natural, hygienic and safe environment for pooches to play. In fact, our products have been used in commercial dog kennels with great success.

The perfect finishing touch for any balcony, pool or patio.