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Q. Are your artificial grasses the same as astro-turf?

A: No. Astro-turf is traditionally a very low piled grass that has a sand infill and it looks very fake. Eco-Lush synthetic lawn fibres are 30 – 45mm long depending on the product you select. A unique blend of rubber granules and sand is evenly distributed into the pile of the lawn. This anchors the synthetic turf securely in place and makes it look and feel just like natural grass.

Q: Is there any long-term effect from the sun – will the sun harm the synthetic grass or make it fade?

A: Our fibres have a UV protection coating and can withstand the damaging affects of sun, heat, wind, snow and ice.

Q: What is the life expectancy of this product?

A: All of our synthetic grass products come with a limited 7-8 year warranty; however the actual life expectancy is 10-15 years.

Q: What type of maintenance should I expect?

A: An occasional brooming is recommended but not necessary. This will stand the fibres back up and even out the in-fill material. Some clients leave the grass in its "flatter" position as this is more like real grass. Debris like leaves and twigs can be easily be removed with a leaf blower or plastic garden rake – as long as it is done with care to avoid removing the sand and rubber. Eco-Lush Synthetic Lawns offers a maintenance program.

Q: Can Eco-lush lawn be installed over my existing lawn?

A: No. The existing turf must first be removed to a depth of 80mm. However, Eco-Lush Synthetic Lawns can also be laid over a smooth concrete surface.

Q: How does drainage work with your artificial grass?

A: The drainage is very similar to pavers – water drains "off" the artificial grass surface into a drain or garden bed. The artificial turf backing also has many perforated holes allowing for water to drain vertically. Additionally, the infill (sand) absorbs some water.

Q: How does the cost of artificial grass compare to natural lawn?

A: When compared with laying real turf, including a watering system, top soil, the cost of turf, combined with on-going watering, mowing, weeding and fertilising, Eco-Lush synthetic lawn will pay for itself within the first three years.

Q: Can pets harm the synthetic lawns?

A: The product is very hardy and can withstand quite tough punishment. While we couldn’t say it’s impossible for pets to damage it, it is very unlikely. Our products have been installed for use in kennels with great success. Urine is not a problem as it absorbs into the sand and rubber and eventually evaporates. Other messes clean up the same as natural grass, using a scooper or shovel. You may also spray the soiled area with a hose then simply brush the turf back into place if necessary.

Q: Does Eco-Lush Synthetic Grass get hot in summer and will it melt?

A: In extreme heat the product will be hot to walk on like any outdoor surface (concrete or pavers), but will not melt under sunlight. A direct flame will melt the product like any plastic, but it will not ignite.

Q: I do a lot of landscaping etc, can I install it myself?

A: Yes, but it is not an easy task, while the trained staff make it look easy, there are a number of subtle processes and techniques that make a world of difference to the end product and the long term durability of the product. Additionally, the manufacturers warranty is voided if it is not installed according to their strict specifications. And finally, we at Eco-Lush are delivering a premium product and strive to ensure that every blade of Eco-Lush Synthetic Lawn is installed to a consistently high quality to ensure client satisfaction, every time. However, if you feel you can install the product yourself please feel free to contact us for a price.

Q: I’ve been quoted a cheaper price elsewhere, is the product the same? All Synthetic grasses are pretty much the same aren’t they?

A: No they aren’t. We are aware of the cheaper alternatives on the market … some Chinese products turn yellow within a couple of years. Eco-Lush has spent the past four years working with one of Australia’s top synthetic grass manufacturers, who has been in the industry for over 30 years. This partnership has developed the new range of Synthetic lawns, which is ONLY available in the ACT through Eco-Lush Synthetic Lawns and Landscaping. The variegated colour, the quantity and quality of the strands of synthetic grass and the installation technique, all come together to deliver a premium product that is unmatched for look, feel and durability.

We thoroughly recommend you look at other products installed (not just the photos) and feel them yourself, because we know you will come back to the Eco-Lush products every time. A number of builders in the new Forde Display village in Gungahlin have our products - Ruiz Constructions, Hotondo Homes, Smart Housing, Gracious Living and Today Homes.

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