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27 Jan 2012 | 0 Comments

Over the last weekend the Sun Herald published a few articles on the risks associated with synthetic grass and whether it is harmful to children. The articles refer to certain products out there that may contain carcinogenic toxins, lead and heavy metals which are considered harmful to children. This topic has been investigated thoroughly in the USA and Europe and leading Industry bodies, eg Synthetic Turf Council have refuted any suggestions of danger for leading brands of synthetic grass using high quality lead and heavy metal free raw materials. Grassman products fall into this safe, tried and tested category. Grassman released the following statement which is to be published in the coming edition of the Sun Herald.

Press Release

In a world where fierce competition from developing economies has almost wiped out Australian manufacturing Grassman flies the flag proudly for Australian OWNED and MADE. Grassman is a world recognised icon in the synthetic turf industry for over 30 years and prides itself on the manufacturing of the highest quality synthetic turf products that meet the standards expected in Australia and many other countries world-wide. Grassman is also the only company in Australasia with its own extrusion plant which enables control over the materials that are used in the products. This is where Grassman takes the extra step to ensure that all raw materials are tested to prevent any toxic materials being used in our products. Along with the yarn all other materials used in Grassman products are tested to meet all Australian safety standards to ensure safe and environmentally friendly products. Grassman have been manufacturing synthetic grass for over 30 years and the experience makes it a leader in development and innovation within the industry. All of Grassman products are NON-CARCINOGENIC and both LEAD and HEAVY METAL FREE.

Being an Australian company Grassman's knowledge of the UV conditions we experience has enabled the development of synthetic grass that is able to withstand the UV and heat exposure, the highest in the world - whilst imported products just cannot and fail after a year or two. Grassman continues to fight this trend and remains price competitive whilst not sacrificing quality and ensuring all Grassman synthetic turf products are 100% SAFE.

Over the past few years there has been a growing trend for suppliers of synthetic turf to purchase their products from developing countries, such as China. The main reason for this is price. This is where the concern over health risks has arisen from as there are no controls over the manufacturing process or the sourcing of raw materials which may be toxic and are putting children and adults alike at risk of exposure. Other risks associated with these cheaper imported products is the lack of standing behind your product, that if any product does fail there is little or no support in relation to warranty or guarantees supplied and then the customer is left with a faulty product and nowhere to turn.

Imported products also impact heavily on the local manufacturing industry, as there is generally no support or tender preference for Australian manufactured products and many projects are simply offered to the lowest bidder, without any check on quality or origin of goods. The supplier may be an Australian company but the question needs to be asked - "where is the synthetic turf manufactured" It is the buyer, mainly Governments, Councils and Schools who are putting children at risk by simply just trying to save a few dollars without any concern over where the synthetic grass is manufactured and if it is in fact manufactured in Australia to Australian standards.

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