Playgrounds and Childcare Facilities

Eco-Lush offers a wide range of synthetic playground grasses from traditional short strand “astro turf” styles right up to our premium sand and rubber filled grasses that are being used more and more due to the softness and longevity of the product.

Traditional playground grasses are abrasive, hard and usually very sandy. Eco-Lush has developed an incredibly soft and safe alternative for child care facilities that will eradicate skinned knees, reduce the wear and tear on the surface and also provide an incredibly natural look and feel for the children. Perfect for bike tracks, under play equipment (up to 2.5 metres) and for all areas that you want a green look and feel.

For further information about our choices of soft fall, day care and all playground grasses please contact us on 02 6255 6076 or

Play Safe

Eco-Lush Synthetic Lawns and Landscaping can provide a variety of products for play safe requirements and standards, from soft fall, aero rubber soft fall with a mould and fungas resistant coating and play safe equipment to shade cloth and playground equipment.

Our play safe products comply to Australian Standard AS/NZS 4422: 1996 when site tested and have a 7 year limited warranty.