Putting Greens

An Eco-Lush synthetic putting green requires no water, no mowing, no weeding, no coring and over the life of the product, very little maintenance. Our greens are already in the homes of many golfing professionals in Australian and all around the world. But the best thing is Eco-Lush Putting Greens are now available for residential and commercial applications anywhere in Canberra, so the weekend golfer can practice anytime!

Eco-Lush putting greens are designed for each customer’s specific requirements and to their individual specifications. During the design process, we work carefully with you to make sure we get it right. You can decide on factors such as:

We work very closely with the customer to ensure that they receive the best green available based on budget and the usable area. Once installed, an Eco-Lush green will surely help improve your game by allowing you to practice on a green with consistent putts and a true roll from every position on the green. An Eco-Lush green will allow you to chip and pitch from any distance with confidence, ensuring that the ball will stick and roll just like a natural grass green – but without the divots! Years of research have resulted in a surface that duplicates the playing condition of natural turf while all but eliminating the cost and labour of maintenance. Eco-Lush is more durable, affordable, longer lasting and safer than any other golf surface – including real grass.

Home Owners

How does practicing your short and long game while entertaining friends and family all in the comfort of your own yard sound? Imagine now if you can, doing this on a green that is the equivalent of a PGA level green, one that you never have to mow or water – yet one that plays as true as a natural grass green.

Eco-Lush has a range of synthetic putting greens to suit every budget.

Accessories such as chipping platforms, bunkers and landscaping can all be handled by our trained installers.

Resort, Retirement Village and commercial property owners – wouldn’t it be great to provide your clients with a fun and relaxing service that requires little or no maintenance?  Any age group, any skill level – a putting green can provide exciting and safe activities for your residents and guests.

Golf course owners – imagine the possibility of reducing yearly costs on a range of products from practice greens to synthetic driving range lawns, even pitching and putting courses.

Business executives – consider conducting business meetings on an immaculate putting surface, either indoors or out – lightening the mood and offering a non-threatening and unique environment for which to conduct business.  And what a great facility to thank and encourage employee’s – making work a fun place to be.

Eco-Lush Synthetic Putting Greens are world class, low maintenance and realistic – you’ll think you’re on a natural turf green.

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