Domestic lawn

"We are totally delighted with the grass and the kids have used the area so much more since we put it in, definitely the best thing ever for under a swing. We are looking forward to adding some more in other parts of the garden. The service we have received from the initial quote through installation and follow up has been fantastic - we recommend Eco - Lush to all our friends." GARRAN ACT

"Not only were we completely satisfied with Eco-Lush product, the level of service and advice provided was very helpful. Eco-Lush was also able to install our synthetic lawn before the scheduled delivery date which was also very pleasing." AMAROO ACT

"As a manager of a child care Centre I was extremely impressed with the level of service and quality product provided by Eco-Lush. They were extremely flexible in installing the product at a time convenient to the Centre and that caused minimal disruption to the daily routines of the children and our staff and took extra care when entering through existing playground areas. Our synthetic lawn has been installed in what was a high traffic area and impossible to maintain lawn especially during the drought. The synthetic lawn is aesthetically appealing, looks amazingly real and duplicates as a soft fall surface for children’s outdoor equipment. One of our parent exclaimed "how are you going to keep it green!" when it was first installed, because it looks so real. We were also impressed at how quickly water from the recent high rainfall drained from the service. We have had many families and other professionals within the industry interested in this product." BRUCE ACT

"My neighbours have been watching a very slow transformation of the front of my house since October last year. I came to a grinding halt when the last thing to do was the intended and much wanted lawn area. After months of wondering what to do because of the water situation I called Eco-Lush enquiring about their product. I arrived home from work one Monday only to see a very even, nicely finished off Metal dust area where I used to have uneven ground covered in pieces of multi-coloured carpet to stop weeds. I was amazed because access to the area was quite cumbersome and rain was threatening all day. The next day, when I got home from work, I had lovely green grass. It really lifts the entire area and looks great. The entire front area was left clean and tidy, the sign of a professional job. I found the Staff from Eco-Lush extremely courteous and helpful. If you are undecided whether to go with this product or not, just do it, you won't be disappointed." BANKS ACT

"Eco-Lush provided us with prompt and reliable service - from quotation through to installation and follow up. There was no 'hard sell' or pressure and the advice we received was easy to understand and accurate. The end result (our lush, clean, green lawn) is great, and many people do a 'double take' when they walk into our yard. We feel we need a little sign to say we are not 'water cheats'! Synthetic lawn has solved the problem of large dirt patches in our backyard. The kids love playing on the Eco-Lush as it is very soft and spongy to roll on and not at all itchy!"COOK ACT

Eco-Lush provided an efficient service and quality product. The Eco-Lush synthetic lawn has enhanced the look of my house and has allowed me more leisure time due to no longer needing to water or mow my lawn. I am very happy with my Eco-lush synthetic lawn." NGUNNAWAL ACT

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, it looks amazing! We have had so many "synthetic grass critics" come over and it's blown them away. It has made such a huge difference to the appearance of the backyard, it's never looked so good! HUGHES ACT

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